Theatre in African Rock Art

Ofosuwa M. Abiola, Ph.D.

Theatre History I WAC (Writing Across the Curriculum)

Ausar (Osiris), The Ramesseum Drama,

3rd  Century BCE

Dogon of Mali, West Africa

Rite of Passage Ceremony

Ancient Egyptian Theatre

Ethiopian Dance Theatre

Oral & Manuscript Cultures

Theatre has always been part of human experience. Humans use theatre to understand their environment, to worship, celebrate, bury their dead, to communicate, for pomp, and for everyday life. The purpose of this course is to survey the global history of theatre from antiquity through the seventeenth century. Students will gain exposure to ancient non-verbal theatre practices in Africa, Asia, and locations in the global south, which are often omitted or underrepresented in theatre history narratives. This webpage provides supplementary course materials to enhance class lectures and the overall learning experience. 

Australia Aboriginal Tiwi Men, Funeral Ceremony

Ancient Aboriginal Theatre

Theatre in India

Ancient African Theatre

Best Practices in Research

The Noh Theatre

Ancient Egyptian Theatre